Tammy Peebles, MSN, BSN, ASN, RN
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I am excited to help you in your pursuit of excellence. Together, we will develop the tools you need to reach the performance level that you desire, achieve excellence among your team, your environment, and your productivity. I will guide you with proven expertise to increase your performance.We use evidence-based research and practice to help grow your business, manage risks, and drive clinical outcomes, and develop customized education and training programs. I will help you achieve, maintain, and sustain long-term regulatory compliance using a systematic approach. We partner with health care organizations to help build high reliability, create a culture of performance excellence, and guide transformation in high-quality patient-centered care delivery.

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Recognizing Opportunity in the Face of Crisis

You never known when your world might get thrown into crisis. Here’s how to mentally prepare. BY TAMMY PEEBLES, RN, BSN, MSN Life as we know it changes forever, and no matter how desperately we want it back, there is no going back.  Acrisis can come at any time in your life no matter who…

Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere of Excellence in the Workplace: A Top Down Approach

Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere of Excellence in the Workplace: A Top Down Approach I often hear that leaders should lead by example, and this may be the case. However, if the leader doesn’t have a master plan that includes strategic, then they have already been defeated. No plan means no vision. Leaders are responsible for…

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