Shifting Mindsets to Get Compliance

Jan 29, 2022

When I tell people that I am a regulatory compliance specialist (RCS) in healthcare facilities, the typical response is “What is that?” An RCS specializes in risk management, risk mitigation, and governance which helps organizations align strategic goals and build competent staff.

Regulatory compliance promotes adherence to local, state, and federal regulations and it also includes following policies and procedures which are the foundation, structure, and standards of practice for the organization. Ultimately regulations are about keeping patients and staff safe from wrongdoing such as abuse, harassment, discrimination, and fraud. When compliance is achieved, it results in improved patient and organizational outcomes.

But how do we achieve compliance? Achieving compliance is not just about ensuring policies and procedures are in place but rather developing sustainable systems and processes that are far-reaching and meet patients’ needs. Training is also involved. However, we must look beyond training and identify the root cause of why there are compliance issues in the first place. Many times, it is the organizational culture or internal values, beliefs, and behaviors.

How do we change the culture? It will not happen overnight, but organizations must shift their mindset at every level. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with leaders who are responsible for including staff in compliance activities, encouraging and empowering staff to become advocates of what goals are trying to be achieved. This leads to having a growth mindset where problems are addressed head-on versus a fixed mindset where staff feels discouraged, have a lack of trust, feel that they are not being heard, or feel threatened (Dweck, 2016).

As the Founder and CEO of Infinity Long Term Care Consulting, LLC, Tammy Peebles provides management consulting for healthcare facilities. Her goals are to strategically plan their enterprise, improve overall performance, and effect change. Mrs. Peebles is a regulatory compliance strategist who also loves to motivate, educate, and inspire aspiring and current nurse leaders to achieve a higher level of success professionally and personally. Tammy offers a wide range of services from individual coaching, to certification programs, seminars, and keynote speeches. To contact Tammy please visit her website at

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