The ever-changing landscape of the Long-Term Care (LTC) and Post-Acute Care (PAC) industry requires providers to transform their long-term care delivery to meet new consumer demands, industry initiatives, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Infinity Long Term Care Consulting (ILTCC) can assist you in achieving overall positive outcomes and services delivery through:

  • Benchmarking and Utilization
  • Quality Data Utilization
  • Risk Mitigation (Medical Record Review, Documentation Review)
  • National Initiative for Quality Improvement
  • (Care Transitions, Safe Transfer, ACO, Advanced Care Planning)
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) Plan Development

Infinity also offers Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Branding support that not only results in transformations in your brand, products, and services but also results in organizational and financial viability and improved quality of care. Business development and marketing are interconnected in order to support each other. Infinity Long-Term Consultants realizes the importance and hence provide integrated, collaborative services to give your facility significant competitive advantages, create more viable leads, and accelerate the sales process.


Business Development:

We can assist your facility with pursuing partnerships with other healthcare services and businesses by developing strategic opportunities, new clinical products and long term care consulting services specifically to sub-acute programs, and entering into new target markets which could convert into new clients, and resulting in a sustainable long-term census and development plan.


We assist your facility with understanding the needs and wants to target the market by establishing a strategic plan while creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging the offers that could value our prestigious customers, clients, and other stakeholders.


We help our customers to facilitate with identifying key services and “niche” offerings that allow in positioning the market in a better way. We help you in identifying the breaks in processes and systems that may be impacting your business. We provide sales education, training and support program for your Compliance groups and services.


Branding in healthcare industry is more important than ever due to growing choices that consumers have available. Therefore, nursing homes and assisted living facilities must be in transition to the new millennium because the days of controlling the entire client experience are gone. Infinity understands that branding is more than just about the company logo but rather how the brand is integrated throughout the organization. We feel proud in assisting in facilitating the community and among other stakeholders.