Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and Crisis Response

Many healthcare regulatory compliance providers have great risk management plans but still cannot eliminate all potential threats. So, it is important that providers take a proactive approach to managing potential crisis and risks by implementing systematic strategies that safeguards resident safety, organizational stability, financial viability, and prevent legal and regulatory exposures. Through clinical and administrative systems review, infinity long term care consulting assists your facility by developing a solid quality assurance program that is inclusive of risk identification, quantification and prioritization of risks, investigating sentinel events, preventing and correcting risks, monitoring and mitigating risks, because risk management plans vary by facility, ILTCC assists you with developing a customized plan based on current internal systems and historical data.

Special Focus Facility Program

Infinity long term care consulting (ILTCC) specializes in assisting facilities that are approaching being placed on the special focus facility (SFF) program or who have difficulty graduating off the SFF program. ILTCC has a proven system to assist your facility in graduating off the SFF program. ILTCC takes a proactive approach in supporting each facility’s goals and possesses an unrivaled ability to quickly identify and correct any potential areas of concern.

Survey Preparation

We help facilities with identifying, correcting deficient practices, and training staff prior to surveyors arriving.

• Mitigating deficiencies prior to survey

• 5-star rating improvement

• Casper report utilization

• 3 phases final rule/requirements of participation (ROP) implementation(Phase I November 28, 2016, phase II November 28, 2017, phase III November 28, 2019)

• Mock Surveys and Quality Indicator Survey (QIS)

• Focused Clinical System Review

• Quality Metric/Performance Indicator Evaluation

• Webinars

• Customized Training Options

• And More!

Survey Management

Because CMS compliance surveys are unannounced, facilities must be prepared at all times. Our team of professional nursing home consultants assists you with focusing on survey preparation
• Survey management plan – arming managers with a response plan to launch when surveyors arrive
• coaching and mentoring staff and managers on survey activities

Standard annual surveys, complaint surveys and survey recovery

Infinity Long Term Care Consulting (ILTCC) works in tandem with your facility to develop workable, doable action plans to address areas of non-compliance for various survey types such as standard annual or complaint surveys. Developing actions plans may require an assessment of your current QAPI plan or development new QAPI plans. Infinity also assists with

• Directed In-Services
• Plan of correction development (POC) based on statement of deficiencies (SOD)
• Standardized plan of correction templates
• Special focus facility improvement plans
• Monitoring and receivership assistance

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