We get to the C.O.R.E. of the matter.


Through our C.O.R.E. consulting and educational services, we assist facilities in identifying strategies to reduce risks, improve patient outcomes, and develop an appropriate sustainable plan.

Clinical Systems Review

Infinity will assist you with assessing and restructuring your current clinical systems to improve facility outcomes, increase quality,

Operational Solutions

The everchanging landscape of the long-term care and post-acute care industry requires providers to transform their care delivery

Regulatory Compliance

We help facilities develop a roadmap to identifying, correcting deficient practices, and training staff prior to surveyors arriving.

Educational and Training Support

Infinity Long Term Consulting (ILTCC) provides a wide variety or education and training products that can be customized

Consulting Services

At Infinity Long Term Care Consulting, LLC we’ve earned a reputation as the industry leader through our dedication and commitment to caring for residents and staff, as well as our passion for quickly transforming facilities from noncompliant to compliant with Federal and State regulations. With over 30 years of experience, we’re exceptionally qualified to provide you with a broad array of consulting services which can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Infinity Long Term Care Consulting, LLC not only provides services which are resident-centered but also transformative. We believe that to transform a facility, people and processes must also be transformed. Facility’s must also adopt more than one method to drive transformation. ILTCC uses comprehensive approaches or techniques such as a top-down approach, broad-based and bottoms-up approach, and a cross-functional core process redesign to help drive the transformation. Using these approaches get staff at every level involved in solving issues.

We help you identify how your staff thinks and behaves, as well as why your facility functions as it does. We believe that by careful diagnosing of behaviors throughout the organization, will create capability for your facility to overcome barriers and ensure leadership is accountable for change. Infinity Long Term Consulting, LLC offers a unique combination of clinical, regulatory, operational, and educational expertise geared toward the delivery of resident services and is designed to comply with CMS. Our goals are to improve your processes, systems, and resource utilization to increase your facility’s profitability ultimately resulting in excellent resident and survey outcomes.

If you are seeking to radically improve your facility’s performance that will result in large scale and long-term changes, please contact us and we will happy assist you.

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