"Tammy Peebles couples incredible experience and knowledge in Senior Living including Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Services, and Assisted Living with a passion for caring for patients and staff.
She has a tremendous ability to identify root causes for the breakdown in systems and is very capable in developing and implementing plans to help improve the quality of care and regulatory compliance of senior living facilities.
Her unique ability to teach and care for others enables her to be a great leader who people want to listen to and follow. Tammy Peebles inspires other to do their best and succeed despite the challenges they face"

Marcus Weenig
Chief Executive Officer
Burlingame Skilled Long Term Care

"I have had the great fortune of working with Tammy as the Chief Nursing Officer and Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Central Illinois region. She truly is the most outstanding and dynamic healthcare leader that I have worked with in my professional career. She created clear goals for each and every department within the facility. She assisted with developing strong interdisciplinary teams and helped move the organization forward, in a most rapid fashion, on a Journey to Excellence. She is a tireless advocate for resident care and played a central part in helping the facility graduate off the Special Focus Facility (SFF) Program in less than 6 months. Many programs, systems and processes were implemented under Tammy’s guidance and leadership, for example, Quality Assurance (QA), Infection Prevention and Infection Control (IPIC), Wound Management and many more. She has full knowledge of the complexities of how facilities operate. Tammy provides hands-in, practical teaching and training that meets the needs of learners at every level. She is truly a change agent for helping facilities not only transform their clinical systems and processes but also maintain long term compliance. She is the best of the best!"

James Biere
Chief Executive Officer
Plymouth Place

"Ms. Peebles has an excellent understanding of skilled nursing facility (SNF) regulations, systems theory, and the future Meadows she worked to educate the nurses on regulations, including knowledge of the regulations and application of Through her understanding of the regulations she was able to move the facility off of special focus from the Illinois De and onto the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Honor Roll. This honor roll recognizes performance on measures on Nursing Home Compare, which has aligned with the top 10 percent of nursing homes in the U.S.” Further the website https://telligenqinqio.com/resourc composite-score-honor-roll"

Mary Dyck, PhD, RN, LNHA
Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community
Board Chair

"My name is Missy Rich. I have been an Occupational Therapist for 25 years. I have been a multi-site program director for Rehab Care for 15 years. I met Tammy at Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community which is one of the sites where I manage the rehab team Tammy, we had a DON and ADON in place but few clinical programs were implemented. We also had Illinois Department our building on a regular basis; and there was really no nursing communication with rehab prior to her arrival. The am decreased drastically.

Tammy served as the Chief Nursing Officer/Clinical Nurse Consultant and has been instrumental in assisting the facility with becoming regulatory-compliant. This changed this facility in many ways such as implementation of Falls Management program that saw an enormous reduction in the number of falls and a significant reduction in the number alarms in use, pressure injuries, UTIs and more. She implemented IDT processes which help capture clinical changes of condition. Rehab leaders are a part of this team and are able to residents, medical risks, as well as give our input on all resident issues to help support nursing and give the best care to want the best, then call Tammy and her team at Infinity Long Term Care Consulting and they will assist you."

Melissa Rich, COTA/L
Program Director

"I have worked with Tammy at several facilities that were in a lot of trouble with the state regulatory agency. She was able to quickly put a plan of correction in place. Tammy is incredible and knows regulatory compliance in every department. She especially loves working with wounds of all types. Through her leadership, guidance, and collaboration with the facility staff as a whole, the facility was able to improve the clinical processes, successfully pass many surveys which ultimately helped the facility graduate off the Special Facility Focus Program. I could go on and on about Tammy and her team. I highly recommend Infinity Long Term Care Consulting for your clinical needs. Tammy has also helped me improve my management skills. I love working with her."

Betsy Franklin, LPN
Certified Wound Consultant
Dementia Care Coordinator

"I really enjoy working with Tammy. She is very sweet and explains things to staff in terms that they can understand. She especially loves infection control and enforces it every day. She is very encouraging, easy to get along with and big on teamwork. She wants what’s right for the residents and staff. I highly recommend Tammy for any training needs."

Janae Smith, CNA

" I met Tammy in July and my first experience with her was when she was doing rounds on the unit. She means business when it comes to taking care of residents but she is friendly and approachable. She is very encouraging to others. I really enjoy her company. She makes it a lot easier to be here because she has an open door policy."

Kaitlyn Euman, CNA